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list pour du Early war

Message par Lannes le Ven 27 Mai - 10:18

Pour ceux qui veulent jouer le début de guerre de cette excellente règle, un des concepteurs à fait une petite liste pour le Early War

Name/Type/Front Armour/Side Armour/Weapon/Morale/Points
Pnz IV D/Medium/12/10/6+/5/31
Stug III A/Medium/13/11/6+/5/44
Pnz III E-F/Medium/12/10/6/5/38
Pnz II D/Light/11/9/4/4/20
Pnz II D/Light/11/9/4/4/20
Sdkfz 222/Light/10/9/4/4/16 Scout car
Sdkfz 231/Light/10/9/4/4/16 Scout car
Jgp Pnz I/Light/10/9/7-/4/19 Rare

Name/Type/Front Armour/Side Armour/Weapon/Morale/Points
Char2B/Heavy/17/15/6/6+/5/59 Heavy, 1 Man Turret, No Radio
S-35/Medium/16/14/6/5/33 1 Man Turret, No Radio
H-39 Long/Medium/13/13/5/4/30 1 Man Turret, No Radio
H-35/Medium/13/13/4/4/29 1 Man Turret, No Radio
Laffly 47/Light/8/8/7/3/25 Rare
Panhard/Light/9/9/4/4/15 Scout Car
Laffly 20/Light/8/8/4/3/10
FT-17 (37mm)/Heavy/9/8/4/3/11 1 Man Turret, No Radio

French special rules
1 man turret - +1 to hit
No radio - French vehicles must stay with 6" of other members of their platoon (platoon consists of 3 vehicles). Units get a +1 die modifier to activate (not to react).

We rebased the armour/weapons ratings to reflect our understanding of armored combat in this period. From what we have found, only the German 88 could go through the front of a S-35 or Char. So that was our starting point. These values would need to be reworked if you used these units later in the war. This doesn't bother our group.

We changed the basic rule about a weapon having to be able to penetrate the armor of a target to place a pin on it, to the following. If a Weapons max Pen (weapon score +10) is equal to a targets armour, it will cause a hit on a Roll of 10. If a 10 is rolled, there is no chance of a damage roll, you just apply the pin from the original hit.

We did this as it was too easy for the Germans to keep pinning out the French with guns that had hardly any chance of destroying them frontally, even from close range in real life.

You will note that the weapon scores on some vehicles have a +/-. The base score is the AT value. If it has a "+", it goes up 1 against infantry, and a "-" goes down 1 against infantry. This is to deal weapons that where good against soft targets, while not being that good against hard targets, and vice-versa.

Sorry about the formatting, tried copying an Excel table, but it didn't work.

BTW, the French 1 man turret and No radio rule, reduces the cost of the unit by 5%.

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